You can get to Suceava by car, train or by plane.


By plane – Stefan cel Mare International Airport is 12,5 km from Suceava. Importantly, Suceava has an international airport ( with direct flights to/from Bucharest, Milano, Bologna, London, Rome and Memmingen/München Vest (Germany). Taxi costs from the airport to Suceava University vary from 35 lei to 45 lei (8 EUR to 10 EUR).

At 150 km from Suceava, in Iasi ( you can have direct flights to/from: Tel Aviv (Israel), Paris-Beauvais (France), Londra-Luton, Liverpool (UK), Roma-Fiumicino, Torino, Milano-Bergamo, Venetia-Treviso, Bologna, Catania (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Bruxelles (Belgium), Koln-Bonn, Munchen, Dortmund   Larnaca (Cyprus), Eindhoven (Netherlands), Billund (Denmark), Viena (Austria). 


By train – Suceava Railway Station (Burdujeni) is 5.3 km from Suceava University. You can find information about timetable - domestic routes, reservations, on-line tickets at Once you arrive in Suceava railway station (Burdujeni), you should take the bus (no. 2, 3 or 4) and stop at “Policlinica” bus station. Taxi costs from Suceava Railway Station to the Suceava University vary from 10 lei to 15 lei (2,5 EUR to 3 EUR).


By bus - - information about: bus timetable, reservations, bus/car rentals.

The ticket is around 20- 30 euro from Bucharest to Suceava. 


By Taxi One kilometer by taxi costs 2.15 lei (approximately 0.45EUR) and 2.50 lei (around 0.60 EUR) (night charge). You should use only those taxis which have phone numbers and an identification number on the sides of the car. Those which do not have it are probably unauthorized taxis and they can charge you much more. Here are some taxi numbers in Suceava: +40 230 511.111, +40 230 522.222, +40 230 533.333, +40 230 222.333. You can use special applications for calling the taxi:, or