Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava

Located in Bukovina, a region in North-Eastern Romania, USV is an innovative and comprehensive public higher education institution that organizes Bachelor, Master, Doctoral and Postdoctoral programs and conducts scientific research in the fields of Economic Sciences, Technical Sciences, Engineering and IT, Natural Sciences, Humanities and Health.

Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava is a modern institution with more than 56 years of tradition in higher education. In 2005, the University adopted the principles of the Bologna Declaration and of the Magna Charta Universitatum. The University is located in the north-eastern part of Romania, in South Bukovina, a region of scenic beauty with a strong focus on values and cultural tradition. 



All 10 faculties of USV provide 3-4-year undergraduate (around 40 academic fields) and 2-year master programs (around 25 academic fields), as well as PhD training in 15 doctoral fields: Business Administration, Computers and Information Technology, Accounting, Economy, Philology, Philosophy, Geography, Materials Engineering, Food Products Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, History and Forestry.  

The first university in Romania in terms of number of patents and inventions over the last decade, USV plays a determinant role in the development and dissemination of scientific knowledge. Since its foundation in 1963, Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava has constituted a powerful presence in a city of more than 100.000 inhabitants, decisively contributing to building a modern identity for the local community, in the geopolitical context of regional development and cross-border relations between Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.

Over half a century of experience in the service of higher education in Suceava made USV face with enthusiasm and responsibility challenges that generate audacious new projects. It also assumes the role of a gratifying and protective dome where academic performance can be achieved, human models can be formed and moral guidelines can be set. All these values have undoubtedly contributed to the development and empowerment of national spirituality.

The University has continuously developed since its foundation. At present, the Campus comprises almost 66.000 square meters of teaching facilities, two sports fields, a synthetic turf athletic field provided with inflatable rooftop and equipped with a lighting system, Astronomic Observatory, as well as a Swimming and Kinesiotherapy Complex, a hunting lodge at Șipoțel and a Centre for Continuous Education in Vatra Dornei. The University provides accommodation for over 1150 students in 5 residential facilities at European standards. 

A 250 – seat university restaurant, 2 exhibition rooms, an Academic Library with 6 reading rooms, numerous teaching and seminar rooms, laboratories equipped with computers and devices for research and study, all these qualify the campus as a place favorable to the development and affirmation of students and professors.



Faculty of Sciences of Education 

The Faculty provides undergraduate teacher training, thus helping school teachers to take on the responsibilities of being promoters of local, regional and European scientific, social, cultural and spiritual values. 

Additionally, one of the faculty’s main purposes is that of providing in-service teacher training for the teaching staff through various activities and courses carried out to bring about innovation in the field of educational sciences.

The Faculty of Sciences of Education has expertise in developing teacher training programs, both for initial and in-service training through a very good cooperation with educational and research institutions from local, regional and national level. Faculty has a bachelor degree who prepares the future teachers for preschool and primary level and the future teacher for secondary school and lyceum and a bachelor degree in Psychology. The Science of Education Department has conducted three master degree study programs for teachers and educational staff, one of them School Counseling and Emotional Education develops a perspective of fostering wellbeing and mental health in schools through teacher training. And others are: Educational Institutions Management who prepares the future leadership and Didactic Communication who intermediates the accomplishment of the educational phenomenon as a whole.

The Department provides in-service courses for teachers in the field of science education, parents’ education, school communication and school relationships. This project meets the faculty needs to develop high quality teacher training programs, and the staff involved are qualified and eager to pursue all the project’s goals.

The Faculty of Sciences of Education organizes a numerous national and international conferences and seminars both for academic scholars and for teachers and other educational professionals. Faculty of Sciences of Education has organized every year an International conference on Sciences of Education (ICSED The International Conference on Sciences of Education offers a framework for communication and sharing the knowledge and academic experience in order to facilitate the professional development and the interuniversity cooperation within the European educational space. 

The Faculty’s main research interests explore the science of education and approach interdisciplinary issues. In 2018 Faculty organized the XIX AMSE CONGRES ( held in Suceava, on 4-7 June 2018 and the theme was the inequality in education. The number of participants was around 150 (from 5 continents) and our team managed all organizational aspects. For this organization University of Suceava works with our Association (Learning for Life Society) for best quality and efficiency.



The University has well-equipped three auditoriums (for app. 300 participants – Auditorium - 235 places, Aula A building - 270 and Aula E building - 110). It is a modern space with a large spectator capacity, where various faculty and university events, international conferences, book presentations and university-related activities are held. 




As ATEE members and participants at some of ATEE’s previous Spring Conferences (including Riga 2015, Riga 2017, Bialystock, 2018), we are honored to organize 2020 ATEE Winter Conference in Suceava, ROMANIA.